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Are We There Yet- Where are we going?

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Welcome friends. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. Several years ago, Ice Cube made a movie called, “Are we there yet?” In this movie, the kids asked repeatedly, “Are we there yet”? Ice Cube answered multiple times, “No.” However, the characters kept asking this question until they reached their destination.

As I drove on the access road, close to the interstate Sunday before and after church, this thought occurred. (Granted, I had prepared another blog just for today. However, I was not to talk about that subject, as I could not find the blog.) That said, another thought occurred to me as I watched vehicles zooming past each other while I was driving. These drivers were getting there (wherever where was.). Why were they driving so fast? Were they going to Nebraska and points east or going fishing or camping or to church? Where were they coming from, an all-night bar or perhaps a family gathering? As I pondered these questions, I realized we are like the people driving down the interstate. We all have someplace to go, people to see and, things to do.

As I left the church in the little town not too far from the interstate, there stands one four-way stop (the only one in town). Think about this- the driver stops at the crossroads. There are four choices. 1. A person can travel easterly to access the interstate. 2. They can take the longest, loneliest road west, then south to get to the nearest tiny town and/or the interstate. 3. They can go back where they started from. 4.They can drive west to the main road. We are like that too, we can travel one way that seems right to us and end up in the wrong town, or we can travel on the straight road and end up in a better place. Either way, we are going somewhere. While sitting at the four-way stop, I looked at all roads. Suddenly, I decided to travel down the longest, loneliest road. Several thoughts whirled around in my head. If I get stranded, how would I explain where I am? Could I direct anyone to my location if the GPS does not work?

As I drove, I thought of these questions. Do I know and trust God with my heart? In my pride and arrogance, is my way better than His way? Will pride prevent me from having a relationship with God? Where will I end up, Heaven or Hell? Do I care? Do we ever think about these questions, or has life gotten so busy, we don’t have time to care? In our days on earth, life seemly goes at the speed of sound. One day we are in grade school, then several years later, we are in middle school; finally, we are in college, trade school, or working. Now we are married or single. Then, suddenly, we are elderly. Life goes that quick. Finally we die.

I would like to leave you with this thought. The way we think is best may not be what God wants. It seems fitting, but is it right? Can we justify our decisions before God? Remember He knows everything. Proverbs 14:12 ESV says, “ There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.” What is your final destination- Heaven or Hell? For more verses about choices, please go to

you have not considered following Christ, please do so; time is short. If unsure, please see the title page of this blog for the verses relating to salvation.

God Bless,



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