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Can you see it coming?

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Welcome friends to another week. As I was thinking about this week’s blog, I began thinking about how the world’s events are preparing those left here for the new world order. This pandemic is a precursor to the horizon of lies, domination and control. There is so much in the news. However, I chose these three articles. We are living in a world of deception. That said, as Christians, we should not ignore the signs and events of the world as they are a precursor to the future. There are links in this blog so, you may read this information for yourselves. Can you see the writing on the wall?

Punishing doctors for telling the truth is here. According to an article in Natural News, US doctors will lose their licenses if they report injuries and tell patients the pros and cons of the vaccine. In essence, they will have to lie to keep their jobs and provide for their families. That said, will professing Christian doctors lie to keep their practices or stand up for Christ and lose it all? My friends, this is where the rubber meets the road.

Pressure is on those refusing the vaccination. (This is a personal choice.) For those refusing to be vaccinated, alienation is on the horizon, similar to Nazi Germany. The Jews were placed in concentration camps and killed for being Jews. It is coming here as well. Citizens in Sydney are under lockdown until 6 million more people take the vaccine. After this, what will governments demand next? Compliance without consideration to the person’s wishes is here. It will not be too much longer before we, as Americans, will not have the right to choose. We will be punished for refusing, i.e. stopping government checks, fired from jobs, jailed, etc. Yet, illegal aliens are allowed to roam free without vaccines. Can you see rights being stripped away and the inequality?

In America, vaccine passports or digital confirmation is coming fast. It is soon to be required by airlines, universities, employers, and retail outlets. Can you see the possible mark? If a person cannot provide proof of vaccination, they will not buy food, a home, or even obtain employment. My friends, future implications are in our faces. However, those who become saved after the church raptures will undoubtedly see the full implementation of these policies.

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The good news is this. Yes, we should be aware of current events. Should we worry or be afraid? Certainly not. God has provided a way out of what is coming. He will snatch his bride (the church) just in time. Are you saved from his wrath? If not, please see my FAQ with added Bible verses. Would you please share this blog with others? Time is crucial, they may have family members who are not saved yet. Thank you so much for visiting my site.

God Bless,


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