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We Cry Sometimes

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Welcome friends to another week. This week is about stopping, waiting and allowing God to control events in our lives. That said, I awoke this morning singing along with the video, “What the Cross Really is?” a song by Brian Free and Assurance. Afterward, I stumbled on the song by Jason Crabb, “Sometimes I cry."

Sometimes I cry, hit home. God never said when he saves us; life becomes perfect. Christians sin all the time. However, there is one difference, Jesus gives grace. My friends, everyone stumbles no matter who they are. Victory comes when we get up. Case in point; in the eighties or nineties, television produced a commercial promoting Life Alert, where an older woman falls and cannot get up. The pitch line was, "I’ve fallen and can’t get up.” However, she wears the Life Alert necklace, which summons help quickly once activated. The commercial never shows help arriving; it assumes the audience pictures this event. The key is she stumbled, fell and was helped to her feet.

I recently read this article: A pastor stole money from his church. His deacons were unforgiving, distrusting, and did not understand the pastor’s reasons. Some wanted to fire him and remove him from church entirely, while others sympathized. Unfortunately, his actions began tearing the church apart. In the end, the pastor voluntarily stepped down.

The point is this: we sometimes give in to life’s temptations; we stumble. It does not mean the person loses their salvation if saved. It does mean we become distracted by challenges or temptations, then eventually give in. No matter who we are or our occupation, it happens. No one is sinless, or Christ would not have died on the cross. His death, burial, and resurrection assure we have grace, mercy, and forgiveness because of his sacrifice. The pastor stumbled only for a moment.

The world teaches there is no such thing as grace, mercy, or forgiveness. It assumes, everyone is right in their own eyes, and everything we do is OK as long as we do not hurt anyone. However, inconsiderate actions do cause others pain. The person affected may feel like the lady in the commercial- helpless, victimized, or stuck. However, grace abounds more in these situations. The pastor, in this instance, did not see the harm of stealing the money; he may have told himself, “I will replace it, and no one will know it was missing.” He may have cried many tears over this matter or wanted to give up before confessing his crime. However, God forgives. He gives abundant grace to overcome sin and cover weaknesses with his blood.

Paul writes about grace and forgiveness in Romans 5:17, Romans 5:20, and Romans 6:14. God cares about grace and forgiveness, had he not, Jesus would not have died on the cross. His blood covers us. Romans 5:17 says: For if by the trespass of the one, death reigned through the one; so much more will those who receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one, Jesus Christ. Christ gives us abundant grace. Though life brings anger, offense, and disobedience, we have a mediator. When we choose Christ by faith, he gives us freedom from everlasting death.

“The law came in that the trespass might abound; but where sin abounded, grace abounded more exceedingly; Romans 5:20. God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses which many break today. Think of them as traffic laws. It’s like continuously running red lights though we know we shouldn’t. We deserve jail time or fines, yet we do not get them since Judge Jesus gives us reprieves. God counts our sin (laws) against us because we rebel against him. However, the difference is as our sin grows, so does grace. When life beats us up, we cry to him for healing, forgiveness, and the ability to stand against evil intentions. We also pray for those who used us or hurt us and for the forgiveness of the offense. Please read more at:

Finally, Romans 6:14. Christ frees us from punishment for our sins by nailing our punishment on the cross. However, we may stumble, but we get up from the floor. We do not allow sin to take hold of us any longer. We have a new life in Christ, so Paul tells us to focus instead on God’s righteousness. God's wonderful grace is sufficient.

It is my hope this blog helps those of you struggling this week. When we acknowledge our sin, cry, and beg for forgiveness, Christ picks us up from the floor of sin, guilt, and shame. He wipes away our tears and helps us began again with a clean slate. I hope you have a blessed week.

God bless,


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