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God is Sovereign

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Welcome friends. I am first giving honor to God for what he continues doing in our lives and the promise of soon meeting him face to face. Last night while walking, I glanced at the sky; it was beautiful. The light blue background seemed to embrace the scattered white clouds. I had two thoughts- the first one was concerning the Christians in Afghanistan and worldwide as they continue going through horrific persecution. The second one was my near-miss accident several months ago. I will explain later.

As I prayed for the Afghanistan Christians, I knew God would provide for them in his way. It may not be the outcome they or we expect; however, God's will is sovereign. No matter what we do or say, he has already worked it out. The only course for us is to continue praying for them and staying strong. Nothing happens without God's approval. He knew this situation was going to happen at the beginning of time. While the world continues to be baffled at these events, God is not.

My attention turned back to my encounter and how God saved me from a life-altering injury or death situation. Please allow me to explain. The sun had recently set during my drive to a church function. I came to a four-way stop. As I proceeded to cross the intersection, a truck came out of, it seems like nowhere, ran the stop sign. It appeared to drive straight for the driver's side of my car. At that moment, it was as if everything stopped then proceeded in slow motion. I seemed to have stopped breathing as I watched this surreal moment. I saw only a glimpse of the truck's lights. I did not have time to react. All of a sudden, my car was out of the truck's way. It was as if my entire existence was in a slow-motion state. I could not think of an escape. I could only wait for death or horrific injury. The same way God saved me that night, he will save others in his way and time. Older people say he is always on time. I found that to be true. God spared the other driver and me, which is small compared to our world events. That said, if he can save another person and me, how much more can he do? Answer: More than we can fathom.

When we think all is lost, God comes in like a quarterback in the fourth quarter of a football game. He scores the last touchdown. While the world continues to be baffled by all of the events happening. God already knows the outcome and will intervene when he is ready. We serve a mighty, forgiving, compassionate master who has our best interests at heart. How amazing is our God! Would you please keep the US, Isreal, Christians worldwide, and the Middle East in prayer? I appreciate your support so much.

Stay strong in the Lord,


Travelling downa dark road
Vehicle travelling down a dark road

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