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God Never Gives Up!

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Welcome Friends.

I recently watched a movie on Pure Flix where the dog called Hachi waited by the train station for ten years. Every day he ran to the station at the time of the second owner's return. The dog waited over 8 hours. Finally, at the end of the night, he returned to his home under a train. He remained faithful, patient, and long-suffering despite his condition. Local people fed him and shook their heads at such a sad sight. At one point, Hachi's original owner (a Japanese professor) did not recognize Hachi. However, from reading the newspaper article, the professor wanted to see Hachi. That said, Hachi only knew the man who saved him.

The original owner shook his head and returned home. During this time, the dog became old and could barely walk. You see, the man who loved him most passed away. How does one explain that to a dog? But, of course, we can't. The dog only knew his master rode the train. One saw loneliness in Hachi's eyes. However, he never gave up hope. As I watched this story, I cried for the dog. I also sobbed for my dog Hershey which I surrendered over 20 years ago and wondered if he waited for me to return. I am sure he did. I also sobbed as I recognized our father is patient, long-suffering, and waits for us to remember he loves us, like a good father, does not put up with our nonsense. When we surrender our lives to him, we have a new life. Does this mean we won't have trouble? No. That said, Hachi reminded me of this: Romans 8:39, which reads: "Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (KJV).

Nothing separated Hachi from loving his master and waiting for him, not even death. Once we believe on Christ and what he did on that old rugged cross for us, his love will stand. At times in our lives, husbands, children, employers, and friends will leave us. However, when we accept Christ, we know nothing in this world will separate us from him. Like Hachi, death did not separate him from his master. He waited patiently until death. What a testament to God's amazing love and forgiveness! Think about this; the old owner gave up then walked away. God does not walk away.

We may think our situation is hopeless; however, God does not think that way. Had he felt like humans do, he would have never died for us. God never leaves us or gives up on us. He is always there through thick and thin, good and bad times. I recently heard this: God never leaves us once we trust in him for salvation. Sometimes we think we are alone, especially when times are hard and we encounter problems that seem unbearable. He is there when family members or friends walk away or when a child becomes ill, or when a loved one passes. He's there when bills don't get paid, or we don't know when our next meal is coming. I am sure you have had similar experiences. Once God promises something, he does not go back on that promise. He will see us through thick and thin, good and bad. Lean on him.

God Bless,


Railroad tracks
Railroad tracks

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