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Heart and Head knowledge

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

I want to tackle a subject that weighed heavily on my heart came this week. I began thinking about this topic after looking at my life. A person who doesn’t have a relationship with Christ, in my opinion, does not have any peace and is very angry at the world, nor does the person show evidence of their beliefs. I was one of those. So, then my question becomes, is it head or relationship? I could also ask the question, is it with hearts or heads we believe? What an age-old question? I am not calling out any sin as we all have sins in our lives. If we say we do not sin, we are liars; according to 1 John 1:8 says, “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” However, our lives should mirror the Bible as closely as possible.

Someone from my past exhibited behavior I didn’t expect. It saddened me to think I used to be the same way. I used selected swear words and committed other sins, then proclaimed myself a Christian. Anyone within earshot of me would have not wanted to accept Christ due to my behavior. I had head knowledge but not a relationship. I only read my Bible during Christmas and Easter (I’ll save these for another day.). How could anyone want to follow Christ when they looked at me? The answer is they wouldn’t. I did lots of damage to those I didn’t know. I had no excuses.

I heard this person swearing, I thought about all those they contacted. Do their life and doctrine match? Would anyone want to follow Christ? When we choose to have a relationship rather than have head knowledge, our lives change. We become more stable in everything we do. I’m not saying we are perfect. However, there are more than 45 verses in the Bible about stability which means God highly values sound minds.

As a result of distinguishing between head and relationship, I am proposing these questions. How do we know we have a relationship with Christ versus a head knowledge relationship? (I wish someone had talked with me about these signs when I was young.) This brings to another question, did those in these churches know the difference? I can’t answer these questions as they are between them and God. I know anyone can put on a front in church or at church functions, then lead an entirely different life outside of church. I witnessed this as well this week and in the past. Therefore, let’s compare head and heart knowledge using questions.

Heart knowledge

1. If we have a relationship do, we sense God’s presence in our lives? It is by the minute, hour, each day, within a week, yearly, or very seldom?

2. Do we know without a shadow of a doubt know Heaven will be our home?

3. Do we, with our hearts, not brains, believe Christ died for our sins? Are our beliefs evident to others, not only on Sundays but during the week as well?

4. Does it make us cry when thinking about how our sin hurt him?

5. Are our prayers meaningful, thankful and about others?

6. Are we in church or online with others as the Bible commands?

7. Do we read our Bibles?

8. Does our television viewing reflect Godly principles rather than the other stuff?

9. Do we place others above ourselves?

10. Can we say without reservation, we know Christ?

On the other hand, if our relationship is head knowledge only (head knowledge results in superficial faith (sorry we got caught.) These are possible questions to ask ourselves.

1. Are our prayers wanting or needing God to fix messes?

2. Do we attend church only for weddings, funerals, on special occasions or to look good?

3. Do we understand salvation? If not please contact a pastor or deacon.

4. Do we pray only when needing something?

5. Are our prayers about us only rather than others?

6. Do we party on Saturday night then are in church on Sunday?

7. Do we choose television shows contrary to the Bible?

8. Do we keep doing the same things expecting a different result?.

9. Are we content with our traditions?

10. Do we realize we are sinful and need a savior?

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God bless,


A lady forming a heart with her hands
A lady forming a heart with her hands

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