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I am a GOOD person

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

First, thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers as I have been under the weather this week. I also want to thank you again for your patience with me as I underwent medical tests. I am still waiting for the results. This week was very interesting. I spoke with a neighbor about Christ during several conversations. Our conversations went like this:

Me: Do you know Christ?

Neighbor: “No, and I don’t care.”

Me: Do you know Jesus died for you on the cross to save you from what’s coming on the earth?

Neighbor: “I don’t need none of that stuff. I am a good person.”

Me: Being good is not good enough—neighbor shifts the conversation to something else.

Salvation and being a good person was the second conversation I had with someone this week. The consensus was that “I am a good person” (I don’t need saving.).

My friends, as we know, none of us are good, not one. The Bible says, “But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags, and we all do fade as a leaf, and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away. (Isaiah 64:6 KJV). It means we can’t perform any deeds good enough to earn our way to Heaven. Every act we do is nasty because of our sin. We can’t help enough people, talk the right talk, give enough money or go to church enough to get into Heaven. These are works we think we should do. For example, when I was Catholic, I made sure to say my Hail Marys the correct number of times, go to confession, and attend every Mass I could. We are not good or pure, or righteous. What we think is righteous in our eyes is not what God sees. Multiple Hail Marys, confessions, or attending mass did not save me. None of my pitiful actions would have saved me. I was still lost; my heart is deceitful, according to Jeremiah 17:9. That said, it begs to question, how many people think they are good people and are going to Heaven?

According to the Harris poll conducted on August 12, 1998, Harris asked this same question. They polled 1,011 adults. During the survey, many Americans thought they were going to Heaven. In fact, 84% thought they were going to Heaven, while 2% thought they were going to Hell.

Fast forward to 2020; Lifeway conducted a similar poll. Basically, it asked Americans if they were going to Heaven. The results may surprise you. Researchers found out of 1,200 adults surveyed, only 46% of those taking the survey never questioned if they were going to Heaven. By contrast, in 2011, 46% taking the survey never thought they were not going to Heaven.

To this end, we have a dying world who either denies God’s power or think they are okay and do not need redemption. Please pray for those who think they are good and who are depending on themselves and not God. Time is short and getting shorter by the day.

God Bless,


For further reading on this subject, please visit:

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