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My Dad

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Welcome friends to another week. My dad was the one who adopted me at an early age. He worked very hard to maintain the family of 6- mom, my two sisters, and a baby brother. Life was sometimes rough though we lived in a middle-class neighborhood. He and mom always indulged on the weekends. However, he always went to work at the plant on Mondays. Sadly, he nor mom looked to Christ for answers, though we occasionally attended church. Instead, they looked in other places, making life more complicated than it needed to be. Sadly, for many families, it is the same today. Did you know, statistics say that when the mother only attends church, only 15% of the children attend church or Sunday school as an adult?

When we became adults, dad found Christ. His photograph proved it. He dressed in his Sunday best and smiled for the first time in a long time. By then, my parents had divorced. Mom also found Christ much later as well. So, where is this blog going? Eighty-five percent of children never go to church or Sunday school. These statistics mean children may not understand the relationship between fathers and children. Some may never experience an earthly dad interested in their eternal souls or experience forgiveness or sacrificial love. I understand these situations all too well.

However, later in life, I found an amazing dad, not saying my dad was not a proper dad.

My new dad loves unconditionally. His love does not stop when we do something he does not like. Nor does he hold our past mistakes against us. His kindness, grace, and mercy are overwhelming. Sometimes it takes years to understand this kind of love, especially when a child grows up without it. At first, it is hard to understand. When children grow up without unconditional love, real love becomes scary. It does not seem real. In a world where everybody wants something in return, it can be difficult to see not everyone is like a vulture. Not everyone preys on the weak. God does not do any of these things. He corrects us when we are wrong but continues loving us. He does not curse or beat us into submission. The one condition is we must ask for his help. We must surrender ourselves to his will and not our own. For many, surrendering is extremely difficult. It means someone is the boss, and we are no longer in charge.

Have you met the God of ages, the one holy and almighty God, our father? Try talking to him like he is your friend. Huge words are unnecessary. He wants to hear from the heart. Our God is mighty, though he hates sin. Yet, he is abounding in love, grace, and mercy. Remember, God is always there to love and guide those in this relationship. He never forgets his children.

Please email me at or Dorothy I look forward to hearing from you.

I have included this excellent video about God from Chad Thomas, “Watchman on the Wall.”

God bless,


A plaque describing a father
A plaque

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