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Last week, our neighborhood banded together to catch a poor stranded pup. One neighbor, with first-hand knowledge of the incident, reported several days prior, a family moved, leaving their four-legged family member behind. It was evident the dog had gone without food, water, and perhaps love. Someone called animal control. However, the officers left his capture to the neighbors. We sprang into action. First, we needed a plan. No one was sure of his last meal. Therefore, one neighbor found pet food, while several of us placed water in various locations. Neighbors gathered on porches and began strategizing methods to catch him. We agreed he did not need the local shelter, instead, needed someone to love him and sacrifice time and money to ensure his health and care. After several hours, the dog fell in love with two brothers, especially the younger one. This little dog finally wagged his tail while licking the little boy’s face. He won the hearts of all who assisted in his capture. Eventually he eat and drank a little water. Afterward, the boys used a slip knot and gentleness to catch him. For the first time during this ordeal, he was finally safe. The boys’ mother smiled while gazing at their faces. The orphaned pup found a home.

Many of us were orphans, too. Our lives were unstable and lonely. We felt no one cared whether we lived or died. However, our new dad offered unconditional love and a home. He also gave his life to show us how much he loves us. Suddenly, his words filled our hearts beyond overflowing, and his spirit comforted us. We shed our old name and suddenly became known as a child of God. We were once lost, like this pup, however, Jesus rescued us, loved us, and offered peace, salvation, and a home with him. He sacrificed his life, not for the short term, but for eternity so we would never have the uncertainty of a home or family. Finally, he promised never to leave us. As far as I know, the pup is happy, healthy, and loved and so, are we.

puppy running
A Puppy

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