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Road 927

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

This blog is about how my life used to be. Years ago, I lived in the Southern United States, where summers were very long, hot and, humid. Later, I would drive down Highway 927 (not the actual number) on my way out west, park the car and, then set out to discover off-road mysteries. However, there were several choices. My first choice was a crooked path filled with problems and concerns like snakes, briars, pride, bitterness and loneliness. Then, there stood a straight, narrow path filled with shady spots, lots of trees, a small pond, grace and, mercy. Years later, as I traveled back to that road in my mind, I remembered I was like Saul. I have learned since only Jesus could change my life. Now the road still has problems and concerns, however, these are nothing Christ cannot fix.

dirt road, grass and trees
A country road

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