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The Prize

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Welcome friends to another week. I started my day by reading Psalm 40. It is a Psalm where King David cries out to God. He writes 17 verses that are so prevalent today. In these verses, David waits patiently for Christ to hear him. He also explains God makes his steps secure and that God is his redeemer. Finally, David asks for mercy and grace for friends. That said, we trust God, which can be a struggle.

Recently a lady I knew passed away. I’ll call her Miss H. She believed in Christ and was always willing to help others, if she could. No one was a stranger in her home, and she shared what little she had and did not complain. It was very evident; Miss H. lived her life as God wanted her to live it and will undoubtedly receive a crown. She did not have to worry about where she was going. She knew, which was evident by her peaceful passing and those who loved her. Indeed, her passing will affect all those who knew her. Some people will be happy for her as she will no longer suffer, while others will ponder their salvation. It is a funny thing about death, it almost always makes people think.

We are in a time where good is evil and evil is good. People laugh at Christians or anyone who talk about Christ, (I should know, I did this.). In the meanwhile, we must continue working and living for Christ no matter what happens. There are so many who still do not believe in Christ, nor do they want to believe. For example, I spoke with several people the other day who thought Christianity was stupid. Please pray for them. I am also sure some of you will be mocked and ignored for the gospel (I used to be one who mocked.). Those preaching the gospel are not perfect and will make many mistakes; however, they are trying to live out Matthew 28:18-19., Galatians 6:6, Colossians 4:3, and 1 Thessalonians 1:6 and other verses about the gospel, grace, and mercy.

Sadly, we can get so caught up in approval; we may miss the blessings God has in store or miss an opportunity to help someone else with salvation. These are good self-reflective questions to ask oneself. Do we make our lives count for Christ? Do we preach the gospel or love Christ over anyone else? Do we make an impact? I understand we are not saved by works but for works. There is a difference. We may not always thrive for the prize as we get sidetracked. However, our humanness does not negate choosing for the gospel.

Our goal should always be spreading the word and loving our neighbors. My friends, I genuinely love my readers and those who support this blog. I also pray for you and the YouTube preachers listed below who bring the gospel. It is not an easy task; however, it is vital to help those who do not have Christ get saved before it is too late. We will continue reaching for the ultimate prize, which is a Heavenly crown. Would you please continue praying for your pastor, Israel, the YouTube preachers, and this blog? Please see the links at the bottom. Would you please email at or Thank you, until next week.

God bless,


Robert Breaker The Cloud


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A crown
A crown

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