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The Woman at the Well- Salvation

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Welcome friends to another week. This week, a song reminded me of the woman at the well. I thought about how many of us fit her description. Our lives are a wreck. At times, nothing works out as we think it should. We may feel like we lost the battle and the war. For the longest time, I thought of myself as the woman at the well. Who was she, and why was she in the Bible?

The unnamed woman who lived in Samaria resembles so many of us today. First, she desired love; most likely, her childhood was devoid of love or understanding. Children may have picked on her since she was a Samaritan (half Jewish and half Gentile). Or she might have been abused. Another thought is maybe she had to work from a very early age. We don't know about her childhood experience as the Bible does not discuss it, which is not essential.

However, her adulthood is very important. Most everyone looked down on her and her lifestyle. In all due respect, her life was a mess. She was most likely lonely and wanted to be loved by anyone or someone. Therefore, as we say today, she looked for love in all the wrong places. She may have been lonely and did not have many friends ( Jews did not associate with Samaritans). Jews hated them. She may have desired love and a family, like everyone around her. People may have talked about her behind her back and most likely to her face. Positive self-esteem did not exist. Everyone hated this woman and looked down on her as if they lived perfect lives. People believed what they wanted to believe without knowing the complete picture. Therefore, Jews shunned her. Could you imagine living in a place where people hate you due to your heritage? I can.

The unnamed woman thought she finally found love but could never achieve what she needed most- a loving, long-lasting relationship. However, that desire did not stop her from trying, so she married five times, only to find the men she chose did not feel the same way about her. To that end, her marriages never worked out; therefore, she divorced again. The last man in her life was most likely similar to the others. However, in her mind, he was better than being alone.

This particular day, she goes to the well to draw water. Jesus is there and asks for water. Then he proceeds to tell her about her life- her five husbands and the new boyfriend who lives in her home. She could not understand why he would talk with her since He was Jewish. Village people shunned her and talked about her behind her back. Her entire life has been failure upon failure (like mine).

Jesus, knowing the customs of the time, disregarded them, and asked her for a drink of water. She had long since disregarded the customs as well, as she offered water though she did not have a bucket, pail, or leather pouch. Then Jesus began talking with her about water (spiritual water). Jesus, knowing her thoughts, told her he has water for her which is everlasting life. He knew she needed love only he could provide. She quickly discovered she needed him, not for worldly love, but friendship and most importantly salvation.

When she thought she was at her wit's end, Jesus met her at the well. He met her where she was at the moment. His love is warm and wonderful. He does not judge us the way the world judges us. The whole jest of this conversation with the woman at the well was salvation. He showed her that her past life did not matter once she believed in his saving grace. The woman was so excited; she told everyone she met about their meeting. From then on, she was no longer considered the bad girl of the village. Remember, he had not died on the cross yet; however, her belief in him changed her life so much that she couldn’t wait to tell everyone about their conversation. What an excellent example of salvation! Jesus opens his arms and tells us to come to him when we believe in his death, burial, and resurrection.

Their conversation changed her life. Jesus told her these facts: 1. She would never thirst again. 2. The water he offered was everlasting life. 3. He was the Christ, Son of the Living God. 4. He was doing his father's will. She believed him. In the end, she tells everyone about his love and their conversation. Many came to Christ based on her testimony.

My take-away is this: Christ shows us his love daily. Jesus does not condemn us, nor does He judge us by our past mistakes but forgives all of our sins- past, present, and future. Jesus also comforts us just as he did her. Christ showed me love; he healed my heart and then gave me a new heart, not of stone but of his love which is why my new logo is a cross with a heart inside. I was once "the woman at the well” needing love and acceptance. However, like her, I never found it -not from family or relationships. Jesus changed her life by making her feel loved, wanted, and forgiven. Sadly today, many people do not feel loved or wanted. The answer is Jesus.

I hope this week offers hope to those of you struggling to find love and acceptance. My friend Jesus' love changed my life. May I never return to where I was, but continue marching to what he wants me to do and be through his strength. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

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Have a great week.

God Bless,


Water in the well
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