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Three Important questions about salvation

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Did you know there are many questions and more than 8o verses about salvation? However, we are going to only look at three questions. I will provide links if you have more questions. As a person first begins learning about salvation, verses can become confusing and difficult to digest. Did you know I didn't have a clue about salvation or even what to ask? However, I couldn't stand before God using the excuse I didn't know his laws. He writes his laws on our hearts. So, what do laws (God's law) and salvation have in common? We break his laws all the time, which is why we need salvation.

1. What does saved mean? 2. Why should we want to become saved? 3. Who or what saves us?

These are great questions, for starters. Have you ever walked into a church or talked with someone who believes in God? Were you confused? It happens pretty often. For example, when we visit the doctor, he or she describes our illness and care plan with words we don't understand. So, we leave the doctor's office more confused than when we first went in. It is the same with "being saved or salvation."

Nothing made sense. I am sure you've heard these phrases either at church, on the web or, in conversations, as well. Sometimes people expect that a person knows answers to questions about salvation. Not really. As a result, we become confused, frustrated, and/or disheartened and give up. How can we be expected to know answers to questions we don't understand?

That said, I wish to dive into these three questions. For more information and further questions, please visit:

1. What does saved mean? It means God spares us from his anger when we disobey him. For example, my dad loves me and doesn't want me to get hurt. He told me not to walk to the road without him. He told me cars and large vehicles travel down the road, and I could get hurt or, worse, killed. I defied him by being stubborn and breaking his rule. My punishment for disobeying should have been a spanking or being grounded for a very long time. (Romans 2:5 KJV). However, he told me he forgives me. I hugged him and went to play.

2. Why should I want to become saved? Please see this video.

3. Who saves us? Jesus saves us. He took our punishment for our sins by being nailed to the cross. Can you imagine someone nailing large spikes in both of your hands after whipping you with a large whip that had nails in it while making fun of you? Think of three large bullies beating you because they did not like you? They beat you until you could barely stand up. Your best friends left you alone to die. Others deserted you and made fun of your misery. Jesus went through this for us. Jesus saved us from his wrath by dying and being buried. However, unlike humans, he rose from the grave on the third day. Therefore, he defeated death so we could live. What a friend? Would your best friends do that for you? Think about it.

Please be sure to visit next week when I talk about encouragement.

A country road
A country road

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