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Three signs the world is ready for the Rising Beast System

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Welcome friends. This blog is my first attempt at a blog this week. I am still under the weather. However, I will be back on my regular posting Tuesday. Again, thank you for your patience, support and, prayer. My friends, our world’s preparing for Christians to leave. As we see the day approaching, have you noticed more peculiar events happening with banking, shopping, and our world in general? I am here to tell you the system is getting ready for the beast. These are five signs they are ready.

1. Controlling credit and bank cards. Banks may turn off credit and bank cards at will. Have you gone shopping only to discover you cannot use your bank or credit card though your account has ample funds? However, you could not access your funds. This happened to me recently. The bank explained they thought it was a fraudulent purchase. Test completed.

2. Companies are constructing buildings that represent sin in the Bible. For example, Amazon built its newest headquarters building in Washington D.C. It is called the Tower of Babel, Genesis 11:1-9. Why would Amazon name its building the Tower of Babel? In Genesis 11: 6, God says… nothing is restrained from then which they have imagined to do.” For more information, go to The Beast System (

3. COVID-19 dress rehearsal. First, it shut churches and businesses down but allowed bars to remain open in some places. Next, it took away individualism by making everyone wear masks. Finally, it allowed the new world order to flourish by creating a nearly cashless society. If a person uses cash, it is like an unspoken rejection by others. Society frowns upon those using money. Try going to a store use cash and see how many others become impatient or stare.

A few years ago, no one would have ever thought we would see the beast system rise before our very eyes. Sadly, some churches are still in denial and will not discuss anything about the beast system. Churches do not realize not everyone in their congregations will rapture. Some of you may not agree with me, so; we will look at COVID.

COVID was a manufactured in a lab which spread worldwide, making the entire world shut down and become controlled. Wht was its purpose?

a. To take away individualism. Everyone looked alike. All of us wore masks at one time or another. Others silently ostracized those not wearing masks. The non-mask wearers did not fit status quo.

b. To take away religious freedom. Canada was an excellent example of this, where pastors speaking against the country’s policies were fined or jailed. In the U.S. some churches shut down completely, while some pastors were incarcerated.

c. To allow sin to flourish. It allowed businesses that made money from sin to remain open. Bars, nightclubs, casinos, and other worldly venues continued to operate. Yet, churches, even holding services in automobiles, could not operate. My question is, why allow bars to continue to operate but close churches? Does that make you wonder?

e. To practice for new world order, so much, so the United Nations called COVID-19 a dress rehearsal A dress rehearsal means the final practice of a live show before presenting as it would be in actual performance. Did they succeed?

As we can clearly see, we are on the cusp of prophecy that is right around the corner. Are you ready?

Have you given your life to Christ yet? If not, please visit: my previous blog: What is salvation?

God Bless,


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