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Traveling the Wrong Way!

The other day, I drove through rain and road construction to Colorado. My GPS directed me to the area I needed but could not help me to the location I needed. After many wrong turns and frustration from riding in circles, I gave up. I called the facility to explain my predicament. I was lost, frustrated, and done! However, a wonderful lady became my GPS. She was kind, patient, and soft-spoken. Finally, after about 45 minutes of misdirection, I arrived safely at the facility. Three hours later, I was done and ready to go home.

I quickly found my car, buckled up, and turned the key. My car purred as I exited the parking lot. However, in my haste to get home, I merged onto the southbound lane instead of the Northbound lane. By the time I realized my error, I had driven several miles. At first, I panicked, then asked God for guidance. Sometime later, I merged into traffic; this time, I headed in the right direction.

Many of us travel in the wrong direction, too. Our compass becomes cluttered with the problems of the day and discouragement. We want someone to take the wheel to bring us safely home. God becomes our driver and GPS. He takes over when we become exhausted and lost. His love, patience, grace, mercy, and salvation erase our guilt, shame, disgrace, and mistakes. He cares deeply and remains on the line until we safely drive into the parking lot of his grace.

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