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Watch the Sky!

Updated: May 30

Saturday began as usual with church activities. Afterward, I knew I needed to make a quick trip to the store. When I began my errands, the sky was a beautiful azure blue. As the afternoon progressed, the clouds changed to a dark purple. While peering out the window, I thought about Sunday School, coupled with intermittent thoughts about other errands and chores I needed to finish. As the afternoon progressed, the sky became more concerning.

As the sky continued darkening, the few rabbits in my neighborhood were no longer visible. A change of weather did not register. Suddenly, the sirens blared! My Bible! Cats! Phone! purse! My brain hyper-fixated on the cats for a moment. The other items were replaceable. After catching them and shoving them into their perspective carriers, I quickly descended the one a and one-half flights of stairs where three of my neighbors were assembled on the floor and on furniture. I prayed for God’s mercy and safety. Afterwards, one of my neighbors checked the weather while the rest of us made small talk. Finally, the scare was over and we returned to our homes. God gave me peace and strength when I needed it the most. (Psalm 29: 11) I also realized God is bigger than the weather and any disaster we could ever imagine. When we focus on him rather than the impending weather or other distractions, God makes a way.

My mind settled on these attributes of God. First, we do not know why or how God does what he does. Next, he is gracious, merciful, forgiving, and long-suffering. Saturday was an example of his character. God controls the weather therefore; he could have allowed the wind to destroy our city. Yet, through his mercy, he did not allow that to happen. Today is a new day filled with his promises for our lives. The sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue. It is peaceful and God is in control.

Sky, dark clouds

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