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Who is Jesus?

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Welcome friends, this week I am talking about Jesus. Many of us have heard of Jesus, but who is he? Some people say he is a prophet; some say he is just a man, while others say he is Lord. He is most important to all who believe in him. However, he is essential to those who do not believe (though they do not know it). This week we are exploring Jesus. He is the only one who saves from sins- past, present, and future. It is also the only name that causes division.

Who is he? About 2,000 years ago, a baby came into the world usually. He was born to his mother, Mary, is a young Jewish woman engaged to be married to Joseph. She found favor in the sight of God, so he chooses her to carry Jesus. God tells Mary she is carrying a boy- his son during her pregnancy. In those days, couples remained pure until marriage, unlike today, where some couples sleep together before marriage. She could have been killed or exiled because of her pregnancy. Her pregnancy did not ease Joseph’s mind. He wanted to put her someplace where no one would know. He could not figure out how she became pregnant. (In those days, couples would not sleep together before marriage.) However, an angel of the Lord answers his question in a dream. He tells him to marry her as she is carrying someone very precious- God’s son.

During this time, Mary’s cousin Elizabeth, who was very old, became pregnant with a boy. When Mary and Elizabeth meet months later, John jumps in Elizabeth’s stomach when he knows Jesus is there, too. His parents named him John as directed by God. Sometime later, the Roman government takes a census, like today. So, the small family travels from Nazareth to Bethlehem (Their hometown.). While there, Mary gives birth to Jesus in a stable since there isn’t any room any place in town.

As Jesus grows, he also grows in wisdom. He knows at age twelve, he has a mission to accomplish. That said, Jesus could be found in the Jewish temples talking and teaching with adults when most boys his age play. He did not allow his age to stop him from carrying on his dad’s business.

In adulthood, he becomes a carpenter, just as his earthly Father, Joseph. As a boy, Jesus and his brothers-James, Joses, Simon, Judas, and his sisters had chores just as children today. At some point, Joseph dies. His mother, Mary, becomes a believer, and his brother James becomes a church leader. It is unclear what happens to his siblings. Jesus knows his Father’s mission. His job is not to be a carpenter. It is to seek out and find lost (going to Hell). It is also to preach to everyone about the Kingdom, his Father, God, and salvation. As a result of his healing people and raising people from the dead, many people believe in him. Today, many still believe.

Someone had to pave the way for Jesus to get people ready. Therefore, God tells his cousin, John (the Baptist), to prepare the way. John preaches that Jesus is coming to save his people(Jews) and baptizes many who believe. Sadly, like today, many do not believe.

During Jesus’s ministry, he chose twelve men to help him; they were called Disciples. Their names were: two brothers- James and John (fishermen); Matthew (a tax collector), Luke ( a doctor); Simon (called Peter); Andrew (his brother); Phillip, Thomas, Bartholomew, James whose Father was Alphaeus, Simon from Canaan and Judas (who betrayed Jesus).

Needless to say, Jesus’ popularity grows. The government becomes so angry they manufacture charges to kill him. Frankly, they did not like that Jesus drew people to himself and not to them. God knows His son will die. It was Jesus’s purpose for coming to Earth. He could have remained in Heaven; however, he loves people. He created us, and he wants to save everyone willing to be saved from his wrath.

In those days, the Roman government was the law. Rulers did not like anyone stealing their thunder. Therefore, they had to get Jesus out of the way. Many people testify to the deeds Jesus performed, and they loved him because he was kind, generous, healed, preached the gospel (good news), and cared for them. Jesus knew he was going to die. Nothing surprises him. His friend and disciple, Judas, betrayed him for money. Afterward, Judas feels so guilty he hangs himself. However, his actions fulfill the Bible. In those days, the Roman government was unmerciful. They do not care about anyone except Rome. Guards arrest Jesus. They whip him with a metal and cut glass spiked whip until he bleeds. Beatings can last hours. Finally, they place him on a cross and drive metal stakes in his hands and feet. The pain was unbearable- some say, many times worse than childbirth without medication. However, he withstood the pain. Finally, people who love him placed him in a tomb cut from rock after death. On the third day after burial (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), Jesus gets up from the grave. No one ever rose from the grave except for Lazarus (his best friend), whom Jesus raised.

Jesus is divine. No one else in history is like Jesus. First, ancient scrolls foretold his birth (Old Testament). That said, his heavenly Father is God. Once we believe, he does not hold our past sins against us as people do. Jesus is patient, righteous, faithful (will not let you down), humble, compassionate, wise, forgiving, trustworthy, selfless, gracious, steadfast, and holy. He does not keep records of wrongs like people. (He does not throw anything back in our faces.) Once he forgives, he forgets- not like friends, family, and those close to us.

Today, there are many different views about Jesus. Many think this is a fairy tale and do not believe. The Bible is filled with stories, others say. People wrote it; what do they know? Not believing excuses no one nor does it save anyone from the coming disasters.

I hear many people say, “We have heard these stories for years, and nothing has happened yet. So, the Bible must be made-up. It is a bunch of stories written by people. How do people know? Churches are hypocritical. Look at people who go to church; they are no different from me. They drink, smoke, play around, and party, too. Their actions mean they do not believe in Christ’s saving grace and would rather suffer the coming wrath. I am thrilled to be doing my thing.”

My friends, everyone on the planet has to come before God. No one gets away. It will be too late to say, "I don’t believe in your lies and fairy tales." Is your life worth taking a chance with your soul? If not now, then when? No one knows when they will die. Salvation is a heartbeat away.

There are many resources on the Web if you are genuinely looking for Jesus. The Holy Spirit (the other part of Jesus and God) will help you. No one is perfect; all of us mess up. It is our nature. However, Jesus does not see us, sinners, when we accept him. He sees us as his children. The Bible testifies about Jesus in the New Testament- Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Jesus did so much, it was not possible to write all he did in the Bible. It is only too late when a person dies. If there are questions, please speak with a pastor someone in church. Please come back next week for my blog about salvation.

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A bible, pen, notepad, and cup
A bible, pen, notepad, and cup

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