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I woke up this morning with this song in my head. Many of you may have heard of it. Its title is “I’ll Fly Away.” One line of the lyrics says: One glad morning, when this life is over, I’ll fly away.” Albert E. Brumley wrote this song in 1929. The Hartford Music Company published it in 1932. We have sung it since 1932. The song is about going to Heaven in the Rapture. Many Christians look forward to the day when we will meet the Lord in the air. This thought gives us much hope we will have a life with Christ once our life on earth is over. I often think about sitting at his feet, talking with my family and friends. My earthly body, with all its issues, will be renewed. I will never use eyeglasses or contacts again. I won’t have to think about old age or that my body won’t comply when I want to schedule an activity. We will no longer need our cell phones, computers, jobs, and other things we depend upon. We will meet many new friends and share a common bond with them. We will have peace and be with the Father. It will be wonderful and beyond wonderful. Amen!

clouds and blue sky
The sky

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