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Works or Salvation?

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Hello, my friends. Have you ever heard anyone say these sentences? "I gave my offering to the church. I am on the deacon board or the deaconess board, or the trustee board. I help the poor and visit the sick." Don't get me wrong; I am for serving in and outside the church as God calls us to do. That said, when our service becomes works, it is problematic as it becomes what I do "all about me" and not what God does. These are works, my friends. Yes, God wants us to do all these things once we become saved. However, these acts do not get us into Heaven. I am here to tell you; this is a "not." This verse came to mind: "All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags; we all shrivel up like a leaf, and like the wind, our sins sweep us away" (Isaiah 64:6). In this verse, Isaiah thought of his works as dirty in God's eyes. Keep in mind; this was in the Old Testament when God was dealing with the Jews. However, it is still true today. Women used these rags during that time of the month. So, this verse tells us how much God hates our acts. In d this case, God chastises Israel for worshiping false gods. They thought they were righteous, like the way we think today.

I know individuals who still think their works will get them to Heaven. There is nowhere in the Bible where it says our works will get us into Heaven. If that were the case, this blog would allow me to enter Heaven, but it doesn't and won't. We call this a "works-based gospel." Galatians 1:1-10

I know I sound like a broken record. Why? It is time for action. We see time closing in. It's time for many to decide whether they want to remain here or go to Heaven. As days go on, we see many signs pointing to Christ's return. I am not saying he is coming today or tomorrow as I do not know his time; only God knows. I am saying, however, that time is short and getting shorter as days pass. Indeed, I sound like a broken record. I cannot stress salvation too much. I would like to see everyone I know saved; however, people continue rejecting the one true gift. They will still have a chance, but it will be excruciating. That said, the world keeps spiraling out of control. Each day brings more bad news but one day closer to Christ's return. Would you please talk with those you know? If they reject it, wipe the dust off your feet and keep stepping. Matthew 10:14.

God is the only way to Heaven. He is our hope, salvation, and helper through the Holy Spirit. I felt an urgency to reassure you and share this message with you if I haven't already done so. I don't know when He is returning, nor do I claim to know. I do understand the world is going down a very dark road. Technology is becoming "human," and people are incredibly mean and unforgiving. There are those very close to me who deny God's grace, nor do they want it, which saddens me to no end. My heart is heavy for them. However, there is nothing I can do which makes my heart ache more. I know we have to keep keeping on as the older people say.

Would you pray for salvation for those who do not know Christ and for Israel? Again, I would like to thank my readers for following me on social media and readers who email or text me. Most of all, I thank God as this blog would not be possible without him. I hope blessings fill your week. Would you please email me at or



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